Online shopping is great, it’s simple and saves quite a bit of time. It also contributes to saving the planet by reducing emissions.

If there was one main disadvantage to this otherwise amazing concept is picking the wrong size. For most who are unsure of their size it’s always a gamble. Even for some who know their size by heart it’s a gamble sometimes because sizes vary from brand to brand.

It’s true that returns nowadays are super easy but why not get it right in the first go. Here are some tips to ensure that you always get the right size.

Tip 1: Measurements

This is obviously the first thing you should do before shopping online. Trying to guess your size might work when you have the privilege of trying it out in a fitting room. Also avoid looking at old clothes because like mentioned before size changes across brands.

A size 5 dress you already own probably fits you perfectly. But getting the same size 5 from a designer womens clothes online store might not work out well for you. Designer clothes have different size and check out the next tip on what you should do.

Some sample measurements to take are your chest area, hips and waist. Usual areas to take these measurements are above your bust for the chest size, for waist it’s always close to the belly button and hip measurement are around your hip bones. Ask for assistance from a friend or family member and note the numbers down before sitting down to shop.

Tip 2: Always Check relevant Size Charts

Almost all online retailers have size charts accompanying their products which give a breakdown of their different size and the average measurements corresponding to each size. This is a lifesaver and always read up.

Also inquire about the sizing policy of different brands because an e-retailer might have a variety of brands.

Tip 3: Difference in Categories

When shopping for women’s clothes, there are two types of sizes, Misses and Juniors. There is a big difference between these two types and how the garment will fit your body.

Misses refers to usual sizing for women and uses even numbers to denote size and fit. They are perfect for women with hourglass body shapes as they allow for more hip and bust room. Junior sizes are denoted by odd numbers and its ideal for petite frames.

Tip 4: Make a List

If you do shop online quite a bit it makes sense for you to make a list of all the brands and your perfect size in the brand and save it in a document.

So, the next time you shop from a brand in your list it’s as easy as checking the list and adding to cart.

Tip 5: Order Multiple Sizes

Returns are quite simple nowadays. Never shop from a online retailer that doesn’t have a clear cut return policy. Some online retailers might offer free returns while some might expect you to handle shipping costs. Still if the procedure is straightforward go for it.

If you are stuck between two sizes even after taking measurements and if the store allows for easy returns order both the sizes and simply return the one that doesn’t fit you well.

Shopping online is a life saver and by following these tips life is just about to get even better.

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