Dressing is an important part of our day, no matter where we are heading, we will always take a good 5 minutes to give ourselves a good look in the mirror. This may not be a guilty pleasure to everyone but there are many of us who can admit we scroll for hours through Pinterest looking at all the cute and accessorized outfits for different occasions wishing we had those clothes.

Also, if you are a budget shopper then there are times you may, daydream of the possible clothes you wished you could have owned. Looking good wherever you go is a necessity, it not only shows you take interest in how you look but it is always good to look and smell great. You do not need an expensive wardrobe for this though here are 6 simple ways to always look put together using the clothes you already have.

Wearing jackets

This is a blessing in disguise, no one can see the slight stain on your t-shirt or the fact that you may or may not have ironed your shirt before leaving. Jackets have a way of pulling together an outfit and giving it a complete look. You can wear a blazer if it an official or smart casual event, or throw on a leather jacket for an edgy style.

Black is the go-to

We all love black clothes, regardless of the occasion, reason, style or material black has a unique way of making any outfit look great, so why not use it. Black pants, shirts, jeans or even shoes are your go to friend to look smart. It is an elegant and sophisticated, yet sassy and badass. You can never go wrong with wearing black in your outfit; even a black bikini looks great. Go check out neuw dress for some black outfit ideas.

Heels or pointed flats

There is something about pointy footwear that oozes class and elegance. If you love your heels, we highly suggest sticking to your stilettos but if you enjoy the comfort of flats always chose ones with a point rather than a rounded top. The point peeking from under your pants or dress give off style and class. You can always opt for the bright colours but if you really want to look classy nude shades or black are your go to colours.

Shades for life

Shades are just perfect to shield off the sun but also to shield your facial expressions from others. There is an air of sassiness that comes from sporting a pair of shades. Whether you are walking down the street or chilling by the beach shades just always make you look cool regardless of your outfit.

Confident lips

Your lips are one of the first things that someone will notice about your face so why not give them something to admire. Bold lip colours scream confidence and the neutral or lighter shades speak elegance and class. Fill in those lips to always look chic.

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