We all want to look our best at our weddings. A part of choosing or designing the perfect attire for the big day include deciding what kind of design would look the best on you or what shape and style complement your body the best. Take a look at the tips given here to figure out what kind of gown you need to look when you start your wedding shopping.

Empire Line Gown

This gown has a raised waistline just below the bust and from there the skirt flows down. This is a style that is perfect for anyone but it fits well with those with pear-shaped bodies. Many designers also recommend this design for brides with a smaller bust as well since it emphasized the neckline of the wearer. If one needs to make the illusion of a fuller bust, they can even add some extra decorations like beadwork to the bust area of the gown.  The traditional square neckline of the dress can also be used conceal a larger bust.

A-Line Gown

These are fitted at the waist and then flows from the waist to the hem – similar to the shape of the letter “A”. A-line gowns can be used for any type of celebration – a quiet celebration at your home or a grand church wedding. This style is perfect for any body shape. Similar to empire line gown, A-line gowns are also used to cancel a larger bust and larger lower body. The neckline and the waistline are designed in a way to bring out your best features.

Ball Gown

Also known as the princess gown, the ball gown can make you look like a Disney princess. It is fitted at the upper half and for the lower part it has a full skirt. This is a shape that is the best for pear-shaped and slender figures but can be worn by anyone as its full skirt goes well with any type of body. If your wedding is going to happen under a fairy tale theme or something similar, then don’t hesitate to choose the ball gown design as the design for your wedding dress.


This dress has a semi-full skirt that flares out just below the hips. This dress is known to accentuate the hips and the waist due to its close-fitting bodice and therefore is the ideal shape for women with hourglass shaped or banana-shaped bodies. For those who have an apple shaped or a pear-shaped body, this is one dress to stay away from. This style is similar to the mermaid style and is often confused with that style but the difference with the two types is that trumpet style is not as fitted as the mermaid-style.

Sheath Gown

Also known as the contour style, this is a style that is perfect for lean bodied women – both short and tall. The elongated shape of the dress help even the shorter girls appear taller. One drawback in this dress is that it does not cover large lower bodies. It is not a dress that stylists recommend for women with boxy figures with less natural curves. Sites such as suzanneharward.com will show you more options for the dresses like this gown, which is one of the unique and new looks at weddings.

Stand in front of the mirror and decide your body shape. After that, start your shopping. Knowing what kind of dress you want according to your body shape will make it easier.

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