Clothes are one of the basic needs of humans. These are available in various forms. This industry in very vast and so there is so much to explore. Traditional clothing is a path less tread by anyone. It changes based on geographical area, seasons etc. Many use these apparels to bring out their cultures. It is a very popular forms of representing countries and regions individually.

The Asian region has many cultures in it. It has the most number of different cultures and traditions within it. One of the most populated countries in the continent, which is India, has a lot of cultural difference within the country. Each and every state of the country has its own kind of clothing and costumes. The sari, dupatta, shalwar, sarong or lungi are just a very few of the variety of clothing they have. They also like to dress up along with the clothing, accessorizing with chains, bangles, shawls and even the little dot on the middle of the forehead.

Moving on to the Easter part of the continent, you get Japan, famous for the Kimono. It is a lovely outfit made out of a special fabric which is a mix of silk and satin. It is glossy and usually exists in very vibrant hues and contrasting designs. The Japanese ladies like to accessorize it with a special umbrella to complete the look. Not to forget their unique hairdo special for this region.

Speaking of Asia, Bangladesh and Vietnam are very popular for their high quality and cheap garments. These clothes are made of rich fabric and with a fine finish. All for very reasonable prices, which is why these countries are popular for the garment and apparel industry. They export these to many other parts of the world such as Europe, Middle East and even countries within the Asian regions. They have been renowned to keep up with their standards in this industry. They know how to customize their products according to the region or country they are catering for. Each country has its own kind of clothing and favorites among the people living there. So this should be kept in mind when making clothes for them.

Clothes are a great way to show up yourself and speak without words. It is a form of communication used around the world. Which is why we should wear according to the situation and event. This should be kept in mind at all times. Make a difference with your clothes, but one that builds a positive image on the other person’s minds.

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