Firstly, a woman is a woman, whether she is a CEO, top-level manager, middle-level executive or entry-level job holder!  And secondly, no doubt, any woman wants to look beautiful! 

So how can a woman strike the perfect balance between being the assertive and commanding professional in order to get the work done and at the same time looking chic and stylish in a smart way?  It is a big challenge for every working woman.  

What Is Business Attire?

For men, business attire is a suit. For women, however, it can be interpreted in a number of ways. Pantsuits, skirt suits, business dresses as well as polished separates are some of the choices. Knowing what to wear when is an essential skill to master, and is the first step to overcome this challenge. As the second step, use womens clothing online stores to help you find the perfect business outfits you are looking for.

Business Casual / Smart Casual Attire

It is a slightly calm style of office wear.  Contemporary fields of work as well as “casual Fridays” in conservative offices call for this attire.

Formal Business Attire

Being more sophisticated than smart casual wear, it is typically reserved for client meetings and presentations as well as for more traditional offices.

Business Attire For Everyday Office Wear

As office wear will be worn all day, your comfort and ease are the main factors in selecting one.  Pants are the best choice as they are typically easier to move and sit down than skirts and fitted dresses.  Wedged pumps are a better choice to stilettos.

Business Attire For Interviews

“The first impression lasts.”  So, make it count.  You don’t get a second invitation to change the mind-set of a person for good or bad.  Business attire is a very good choice for professional job interviews as it projects a polished and smart appearance, and thus creates an excellent impression of you.  Minimal jewellery and a structured handbag is the rule.  Tailor your look to suit the prospective job and employer.

Cocktail Business Attire

After-hours events are inevitable in any workplace.  Dressy but also somewhat conservative is the rule for after-five appearance.  Dresses with a business appropriate cut as well as a little personality such as flounced sleeves, an exclusive design or a jewelled neckline are the choice for these events.  Pumps, a clutch and jewellery add to this attire.

Summer Business Attire

Lightweight pants, dresses and skirts can help you achieve the perfect business-like appearance in the heat of summer.  You can keep a blazer at hand for unexpected meetings etc.  Sticking to closed-toe footwear is preferred even in summer, as they are more office-appropriate.

Winter Business Attire

Stick to the staples of pants, blazers etc. but make simple changes to the ensembles.  Substitute the usual button-down collared shirt for a turtleneck sweater or a woollen sleeveless vest.  Wear winter sweaters with your skirts.  Invest in a smart coat.  Substitute pumps and stilettos for ankle-length boots for that smart and stylish business look.

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