Clothes are what we used to cover ourselves and protect our bodies from the outer environments. Therefore it has importance in all of us. Which is why we wear according to the place and season. For example, you would not wear a thick leather jacket on a hot summer day, or a bikini on a cold winter night. Common sense is what makes you wear these two outfits interchanged as per the season. Talking about leather jackets takes us back to the days when it was very popular among celebrities and ordinary people alike. It goes along with high heeled leather boots and a handbag to compliment it too.

Jackets are not only a fashionable wear. It can be used to protect yourself from the cold weather, especially during autumn and winter. It can create a very stylish look as well as protecting you from the environment. Winter jackets are made out of special fabric often with wool along the collar and sleeves. This is all to keep you warm and to protect your skin from getting dry in this extreme weather.

Winter season means you get indulge yourself in the many sports dedicated for the season. Starting from skiing which brings so much joy when done individually, in pairs or in groups. Ski gear also includes special clothing along with skiing boots and of course the actual skis. It also comes along with a head cover, knee and arm guards to protect yourself in case of any falls or other accidents, which are quite common but can be dealt with. Ski outfits come in lovely colors of contrast. Shot pink, lime green, sunshine yellow and sky blue are very popular hues which look lovely in the midst of the white surface of snow.

Talking of the cold weather, one cannot forget the lovely scarfs available to wear during this time. It includes comfortable wool scarfs along with leopard and other animal prints. Scarves are also used on a hot summer’s day. These are however lighter than their winter counterparts. Most are made out of silk or satin fabric. These come in plain hues as well as with prints and look equally beautiful with casual wear as well as evening wear. This is the specialty these fabrics have.

Clothes come in such variety that you may be at a loss of words when you step in to a clothing shop. You get to see isles and isles of different apparel which all blow you out of your mind. It makes you wonder what to purchase and you end up trying almost everything which catches your eye.


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