A good night’s sleep is important for anyone. However, for a young child sleep is very important. Therefore, you should ensure that he or she has a comfortable bed.

Size Of The Bed

Before you decide on a bed you need to first take into account the size. It is best that you either get the measurements of the bed or you see the bed for yourself because the size of the bed you select will play a role in how comfortable it is. For example, if your child is very tall then you may have to get a longer bed than you may usually get because if not the child’s feet will be sticking out of the bed. Before you select a bed you also need to decide whether the bed is for one person or for two.

The Shape

Children are often fascinated by the slightest things therefore they may enjoy having a different shaped bed as opposed to a regular bed. If you have a design in mind such as a race car bed, you can even opt to have one made. Or you can look around for companies that offer differently shaped beds. You should make sure that the shape of the bed is safe for the child.

The Mattress

Once you have picked out the size and shape of the bed you can then look into the mattress. The mattress is one of the main components of a bed. If the mattress you have is not right then it could result in you not only having an uncomfortable night’s sleep but it could also cause backaches. As children’s bones and structures are very sensitive it is important to have a good mattress. Before you buy the mattress you should try and test it out so that you can get a feel of it which will give you an idea of whether it is soft or hard.


Once you have decided on the size and shape of a bed and after you have picked out a mattress you can then start looking around for covers. Shops such as Namely Co offer a variety of blankets including single throws, cot blankets, and baby blankets. Especially if your children are young you can opt to get custom made blankets with their favourite cartoon characters.  You should also make sure that the covers you purchase will do its job in keeping your kids warm and comfortable while they sleep.


A comfortable, soft and fluffy pillow will allow your eyes to shut the minute your head hits the pillow. You don’t want to overcrowd the bed with an excessive number of pillows.

Although you should make sure that the bed has an adequate number of pillows try not to overcrowd the space with pillows. This may make the bed appear cluttered and messy. You can even get matching pillow cases to go with the bed sheet covers.


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