Don’t hide your body and dress up in black overcoats all year long just because your body is curvier than a runway model’s. Women with fuller bodies are certainly not except from fashion. That being said, some curvy ladies might find it difficult to put together appropriate and stylish outfits because most fashion ideas hinge on thin women. But that’s not the case any longer. Here are several perfectly workable ideas for plus size ladies:

Go for Wide-Legged Pants

One of the biggest concerns for curvy bodies is a bulgy hipline, particularly wide upper thighs. Regular jeans may accentuate your hips in a manner that makes your lower body looks like a martini glass. It may not be the look most curvy ladies won’t. You can make your lower half look even by wearing pants with wide legs. Palazzo pants are a great choice for ladies with more weight. Flared pants work too.

Prints are Your Friend

Don’t avoid prints. Curvy bodies don’t look any different from others under beautiful flowery or artsy printed dresses and tops. Despite what some popular beliefs may tell you, prints can actually hide the unflattering bulges of your body. A lovely print will immediately focus eyes on the print itself, rather than the pear or apple shaped body. A printed top and a dark short skirt paired with plus size tights are a great professional look for the office. The only thing you have to worry about here is choosing a non-garish print.

Vertical Striped Dresses

Some curvy women avoid striped pattern dresses like the curse. Horizontal lines or strips can sometimes make you look bigger than you actually are. Besides, you may look as if you are wound up in measuring tapes. You can avoid this scenario by opting for vertical stripes. It brings out your height rather than the girth. Even better than vertical stripes are zigzag patterns that look like psychedelic art. These patterns would distract people from the mere shape of your body and instead bring out colours and sheer art.

Mono Colour Blouses Paired with Jeans or a Skirt

Putting together an outfit for a curvy body is toughest in the summer, when everyone is out wearing airy, lightweight fabrics that’s more than a little showy. While those summer maxi dresses may feel great, it could make curvy bodies look even bigger. A better option is a single colour blouse that accentuates your body is a positive way. The charm of this look lies in its simplicity. You can pair this top with any bottom you like, but a pair of dark jeans would work the best.

Show Some Skin in a Black Dress

Obviously, you may not want to dress from neck down to the ankle on date nights or for fancy dinner parties. When you want to show some skin and look sexy, try on a black dress. The colour is perfect for obscuring the midsection, while bringing attention to your upper body curves. Black minis are wonderful for date nights that let you show off your chest and legs without drawing attention to bulges you don’t want to show off.

Don’t believe the many myths about fashion and curvy bodies. Try on any one of the above fashion suggestions and see for yourself how great you look.

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