Meeting someone new is exciting yet always pressurizing. You don’t exactly know the person, what they like and dislike, their behaviours etc. However, you need to confidently go on a date and have a good time so here are some tips for you.

It Is Not an Exam, Do Not Prepare for It

Be yourself! A date is a meeting between two people who spend time together to get to know each other because they attract (or seek to attract). If you go on a date like you go for an exam or a job interview, everything will be forced, there will be uncomfortable silences, and you may be missing the most interesting details about the other person. Go without fear, without complexes, without trying to control the situation. Just have a good time, you are not a robot.

What Plan Do We Choose?

Not all dates have to be in a restaurant. Find a common interest or hobby: if you like it, go to a restaurant, but that is not the obligatory plan. Many people are embarrassed to expose themselves by eating at a non-fancy restaurant, or prefer something simpler. A coffee in a cafe, a beer in a tavern, a hot dog in the park, a walk in a beautiful place in the city, a game together at the console or an art exhibition are some of the things you can do. 

The place does not matter, but try to make it something that you both feel comfortable with. The dates cannot be perfect, maybe the restaurant is rubbish, in the cafeteria you had a mishap, or it started to rain on the street and caught you without an umbrella. Aren’t those funny anecdotes that break the ice better than any topic of conversation?

The Clothes You Wear

The plan is very simple: leave as you feel good. You may be a girl who does not do much makeup, but that day you want to be radiant, go ahead. Or you may not want to wear make-up, well, perfect. With clothes, there is a middle point between showing disinterest for the date and trying to dress up: it is called going comfortably. If you turn up in slippers, sweatpants and t-shirt, it will show how disinterested you were. But if you feel like wearing your black jumpsuits online with a pair of heels, that shows you put in some effort to dress up.

Topics of Conversation, Are There Few?

It’s hard for us to bring up topics of conversation on the first dates, and awkward silences are the biggest enemy. However, when you have a person that you know very little about sitting in front of you but are interested in knowing you, you have everything at your fingertips! 

Ask them things that you would be interested to know about him or her, from the basic “what do you do”, to: “what did you study”, “why did you find it interesting”, “what do you like to do in your free time”, “what do you would like to do in the future”,” where you grew up “,” where have you travelled “,” what places would you like to know “,” what are your favourite places “, etc.. Yes, it is true that there are people who find it difficult to get the words out of them, it is a matter of trying topics until we find one that interests them.

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