Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear the trendiest clothes or the expensive pieces. With a little creativity, putting together the pieces you already have as of the moment to create a brand-new look is just what it takes to be stylish. If you only have limited pieces at hand, here are some simple ways to make your outfit look instantly stylish.

Have Fun with Prints and Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns is one of the basic yet the trickiest way to look stylish. Be sure that the patterns and prints complement rather than clash with each other for a head-turning look. When you’re choosing prints pick ones that are bolder and more colourful rather than tiny patterned ones. Wear colours that complement each other also works well. If you have different print patterns, be sure that both pieces have a common colour for a harmonious look. Neutral prints such as leopard and stripes match well with almost all other patterns. Check out Blankclothing for more printed and patterned pieces that will definitely suit any style you want to achieve.


Silk scarves are the perfect accessory to instantly spice up any outfit you wear. It is timeless and adds some statement and boldness to your outfit. Having a collection of neck scarves can definitely save you if you’re running out of ideas on how to style up your outfit. Choose ones that have unique designs or patterns. You can either match it with one colour in your outfit or wear a contrasting one – either way will definitely create a chic look.


Accessorizing your outfit is one of the easiest ways to create a fresh new look each time. Aside from scarves, belts are also one of the most popular accessories every fashionista must have. It adds some dimension to your outfit and defines the curves in your waist. Belts can be worn in a lot of ways – you can wear it over a blazer, a dress, an oversized shirt and many more. Choose neutral coloured ones for versatility but you may also have a few pieces with fun prints and colours. Be sure to pick just the right size that cinches your waist for the most flattering look.

Wear It Knotted

If you’re tired of wearing the same old shirt or blouse, add life to your outfit by adding knots. This technique works best on either loose tops or even those that fit just right. You can tie a knot wherever you like – on the side, front and even at the back of your shirt. Aside from spicing up an old shirt, knotting also accentuates your waistline, making you look sexier. When doing this technique, be sure to pair it with a high-waist bottom for balance. If you’re planning to show some skin, exposing a little area just above the belly button creates a flattering look.

You don’t need to spend a lot in clothing. Just remember these simple steps and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the best match up for your personality.

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