Many people mistakenly believe that clothes made from silk fabric should always be sent to dry cleaners after using them. But, the truth is that these sensuous silky fabrics can be washed at home. However, before doing this one must keep in mind first all of the following tips.


Check for Colorfastness

Silk fabrics do fade and this is the reason why you have to check for its colorfastness before making any attempt on washing them. But, how do you check it for colourfastness? One way to do this is to make use of wet Q-tips. Wipe this damp cotton bud onto the inconspicuous area of your garment such as the inside seams. If you see the tip of the cotton bud changing into exactly the same colour of the silk fabric, then better send your blouse to the professional cleaners. The same thing must be done if your silk clothes are printed and brightly-coloured. Dry cleaning them is the best way to preserve their looks.

Avoid Using Harsh Detergents

Remember that silk is a form of protein that is almost similar to your hair. So, you should wash it with a gentle detergent because harsh ones will only dry it out just like what will happen to your hair if you use very harsh chemicals on it. If a gentle detergent is not available in your home and you’re in a hurry to clean them, grab your mild and gentle bath soap from the shower room. This will help clean your silk without the risk of harming its beauty. This goes to say that whenever you buy silk clothing you should make sure that you have mild detergent handy whenever you need to wash them.


Wash It Manually

It could be tempting to just throw your silk garment into the washing machine and let it do the cleaning. However, this may not be a good idea. This is true especially if you purchased your silk tops online and they cost you quite a bit, it’s better to wash it manually. Otherwise, you run the risk of not being able to wear them again outdoors. Unless of course you’ve got plenty of money to splurge to buy another one online. But, how do you exactly hand-wash your silk clothes? First, you have to fill your basin with enough water and pour a little mild detergent. Stir it a bit so that the detergent will be diluted well. Then, put your garment into the basin and leave it there for a few minutes. The best thing about silk is that it is so easy to remove dirt from it. This means that even if you need to hand wash it, it won’t still take much of your time. Take out the clothes from the basin, and then rinse them thoroughly.

 Avoid Wringing Your Silk Fabric

After washing your silk clothes, avoid the habit of wringing them like you would when you’re washing clothes made from other types of fabric. Otherwise, it will never be able to retain its beauty anymore. It will look wrinkled and old even if you’ve only washed it once. The best way to dry them out is to just put them into a clothes hanger and hang them over your bathtub. Allow it to just drip and dry eventually.

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