Tips and suggestions to pull off a memorable 50th wedding anniversary for your parents…!

Pull Out All the Stops…Within Reason

An anniversary is special; a chance to celebrate a special moment. 50th anniversary is ultra-special; so pull out all the stops for it. Make it as grand or as glamorous as you’d wish…only, within reason. Like any other party, take the time out to properly budget out the event. It’s ok to splurge on certain parts of the party; like their anniversary gift. But certain parts, like decorations, better stick as close to the budget as possible! Remember, as much as they’d love celebrating their special day, they are not going to be pleased if you go over your head for them.

Avoid Having It as a Surprise

We love surprise parties! There’ssimple something extremely precious about doing a gesture as such for someoneyou love, and seeing the surprise and joy radiate from their eyes and face. Butwhen it comes to important moments like this, we always suggest to avoid makingit a surprise. After all, there’s so much that can go wrong with surprises…

Invite an Intimate Crowd of Those Who They Hold Dear To Their Heart

Large parties with a sea of invitees are notimpossible to pull off; even for a day as special as a 50thanniversary party. However, in our opinion, smaller and more intimate partiesare more appreciated by the celebrating couple; as this means they get tointimately mark this special day with only those whom they hold near and dearto their heart. This list can include their close family members and friends;as well as a few of your own friends.

Select the Venue with Care

Ideally, we generally suggest having this special party at home; where all is familiar and cosy. But despite how intimate your crowd is, if it still leans towards a big party, then we suggest you look for a function venue South Yarra based. This not only makes it easier for you to get the venue decorated ahead of time, it also helps a great deal that you won’t be having to clean up after the party.

Ask Them If They’d like to Renew Their Vows

Renewing the vows they took 50 yearsago, and adding to it, shaping it to suit their lives now, is one of the mostbeautiful things to do at a 50th anniversary party. For this, youcould either hold a little ceremony at a chapel; or you can simply create an“alter” at your wedding, and have them exchange and renew their vows in frontof all your guests.

50 Years of Memories to Bring Alive

Remember that you have 50 years’ worth of memories tobring alive on this special day. You could either ask your parents to puttogether something that kindles the memories of their years together (for whichyou can approach your parents individually as well, so they surprise eachother); or you can ask your guests to help you put something together with thememories they hold of your parentsyears together.

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