Every wardrobe is versatile with varying styles, patterns and prints. However, when it comes to buying the perfect blouses to complete your look and wardrobe there are certain things you need to consider such as the fit and type apt for your body shape.

Here are some of the most stylish types of blouses and how they can make any look charismatic:

Panelled blouse

These blouses are ideal to take away the attention from a busty figure. Panelled blouses are stitched with two or more pieces or materials stitched together for a quirky style. It is advisable to avoid this type of blouse if you have a flat chest. If you are planning on finding long sleeved ones, then make sure they are plain or it could be a bit too much.

High neck blouse

For a fairly fashionable and conservative style, the high neck is the ideal blouse to add to your collection. If you have a long, slender torso and neck then the high neck would complement you well. It does not show any cleavage or much skin. High neck blouses made of light and flowy fabrics are beautiful choices that could instantly elevate your look.

Long sleeve blouse

Long sleeved blouses are an apt choice for women who have slender and long arms. Ruffles around wrist/shoulders and flared sleeves are some options to add some flair to the blouse. The ruffles and flared sleeves act as accessories for your outfit so you won’t require additional accessories to complete your look. You can find a wide variety of such blouses in Milk & Ginger NZ that you would definitely want to add to the cart.

Strapless blouse

The strapless blouse is a retro throwback to the 90’s where most female pop singers adorned them to flaunt their toned shoulders and arms. This blouse has made a comeback and its ability to beautifully accentuate your figure with the right strapless bra is the reason for it. You can accessorize this piece with a simple necklace as your neck and shoulders are bare.

Sweetheart neckline blouses

The sweetheart neckline is quite common and is the ideal type of blouse to show off those tones’ shoulders and long, attractive neck. It helps accentuate the chest area so if you are full figured in the chest area then you should probably pick another blouse in this list. A pair of hoops are the ideal accessory for this type of blouse.

U neck blouse

The U neck blouse looks good on anyone with any body type. However, it shows a little more skin compared to a common neck line so if you are looking for something more conventional then skip out on this type. As this blouse type tends to draw more attention to the bust area, you can pair it up with a necklace.

Not only are these some of the most stylish types of blouses, they are also quite comfortable and easy to wear. Through this article you can definitely pick out the right kind of style for you while also getting an idea on how to accessorize your amazing look.

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