Australia has an opposite season trend compared to those countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter months come on June to August. Now that summer is over, it’s time to switch your wardrobe from fresh and airy clothes to warm and comfy ones. Dressing up for winter takes much time in order to achieve a perfect and put together look. Here are some tips to give you an idea on the best clothing pieces that are fit for Aussie winter.

White Clothing

White outfits aren’t just for sunny days. It can also be worn during winter if you want to brighten a grey weather instantly. Since the winter skies are not that bright, it would look great to wake up the gloomy atmosphere by wearing something bright than dark coloured clothing. White clothes are also neutral, making them really easy to pair with any accessory and garment.


Nothing beats the comfort and warmth of your favourite loungewear. Comfortable loungewear has been in style lately due to the fact that most people are isolating and social distancing in their homes. From sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers and sweatpants, there are plenty to choose from when you’re looking for a stylish yet comfortable loungewear. Matching pieces are one of the popular choices but some also want something more like a bold colour or a graphic print. For hassle-free shopping, check out this lovely collection of womens clothing online.

Puffer Jacket

For those who are looking for more warmth while going around the city, a nice puffer jacket is what you need. They are simply fashionable no matter how you wear them, especially during winter. Neutrals are a common pick for those who want versatile pieces. However, you can go daring by choosing one with a bold colour or print. Be sure to pair it with a neutral top and bottom to make it stand out.

Knit Dress

Knit dresses are oh-so-perfect during winter season. They are fashionable and comfortable at the same time. If the day is a bit cooler, you can add more warmth to your outfit by layering it with a coat, stockings and boots. If the chill is still bearable, you can simply wear a jacket over it so you can easily remove the layer when it gets warmer.


 Boots are the perfect footwear during winter. Aside from looking great when worn with tights and stockings, boots also provide extra warmth to your legs especially when you have to go out during a cold day. Knee high boots are really popular lately. However, just-below-the-knee boots are just so perfect since it gives extra warmth while allowing the wearer to still move around conveniently. You can opt for flats, heeled, even stiletto styles, depending on your comfort preferences.

Dressing up for winter is fun if you have these basic pieces to begin with. Be creative in mixing and matching these essential pieces and you’ll definitely get the perfect winter look that you’ve always wanted.

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