For many centuries now, stockings have been worn by women, regardless of class, age or size. It was first worn for modesty, protection and warmth. It was a must have piece of clothing, regardless of season or occasion. Through the centuries, stockings have evolved from thick, heavy, shapeless necessities to sheer, elastic, figure hugging accessories. Yet there is so much more to that stocking than meets the eye.

So What’s In It For You?

Well, that depends on your legs. Say you want to conceal some marks or scars from the curious eye, and then a printed or striped stocking will do that for you. Or if you feel that your skin is looking dry and mature, even a sheer stocking will make it look smoother. In case you just want that extra highlight, then fishnet or patterned stockings will give you that lift. In case you didn’t know, there are more than a dozen different types of stockings to woo you in.


Stockings or hosiery vary in thickness. This density is actually measured in a called Deniers. A stocking with high denier measurement will be thicker and more opaque. For a sheer, see through look, a smaller denier should be selected. The range is from 0 to 99 and higher. If you want to have a bare legged look, then get something less than 10 denier, 10 – 20 for a normal see through stocking, 25 – 35 for just barely visible legs and 40 + for the thick opaque stocking.

Sizes and Shapes

This is the most important thing you have to figure out if you want those stockings to last. The ‘free size’ popularly sold by many retailers may be good for one time wear only. Its usefulness ends when you remove it after the first wear. Size is really important, especially if your legs and calves are big; make sure to select a proper plus size stockings that suits your shape. If it is too tight, it can very easily lose shape or get damaged. Check the packaging for proper height and width so that you get the right fit. If the fit is not good, the stockings may sag or have frills at the curves. If you want a high shine, then it’s essential to get a tight fit. But if you are at the heavier end, getting a size bigger will help the stocking last longer.

If you are a short person, you want to look taller. So avoid getting contrasting looks that will break up the vision. Go for the same colour as dress. On the other hand, if you are taller, you can freely choose any contrasting colours you want. A big made person will want to give a slimmer look, so go for darker colours with a solid look and thicker stockings. A slim person can wear thinner hosiery, with patterns and light colours.

If you need to cover any scars or veins, make sure to wear a higher denier and darker colours. If you have mature skin, try to get one with a little shine, to add some vibrancy to your legs. Some manufacturers also have different types of yarns and different finishes. Select the one that is suitable for the season and occasion. For evening wear, colours like black, grey, skin colour or sheer shine are good. For a casual look, choose whatever colours go with your dress. You can even have printed patterns or other finishes like fishnet, striped or lace.

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